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Rantom charging dock for Nintendo joycon,4 in 1 charger with LED indication and portable USB power for Outside,Travel,or around games players

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This is a handle charger with a separate LED display, which can support charging four handles at the same time , simple operation, fast charging, is the best match for game lovers!


1 Input Interface: Micro USB

2 handle charging method: contact charging

3 Input Voltage: DC5.2V

4 Input Current: 500mA

5 Each charge port allows the output current (MAX): 400mA

6 2 handle at the same time charging current: 200mA * 2

Package Includes:

1*USB Cable(lengh:47.2in)

1*joy-con charger

1*User's Manual


1 handle access, blue LED long bright;

2. fully charged, green LED long bright;

3. Without charging, all LEDs are off.

4.Low voltage, over voltage protection mode: Slow flashing blue LED.

5.voltage lower than 4.2v into the low voltage mode, the voltage is greater than 4.7v back to normal.

6.voltage is higher than 5.6v into overvoltage mode, the voltage is less than 5.3v back to normal.


1.Compatible with Switch Joy-Con handle Mixing more cost-effective high-performance design.

2.easy charging and plugging smooth, reduce the original handle wear

3.Smart Charging: Current Limiting, Voltage Limiting, Overcurrent Protection, Low Voltage Protection, High Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection.

4. standard USB power supply, anytime, anywhere to charge the handle.

Buy new nintendo selects: ultimate nes remix from
  • Unique Design: This is a Tailored of the charger to Nintendo switch controller, it can also charge 4 game handles, when the handle in chargeing while also for you and your family to bring fun games
  • Safe and Reliable: 5.2V500mA input voltage allows you to not be charged with the risk of being able to bring a safe and reliable charging process for the handle.The Non-slip rubber can be stabilized on any surface to prevent any movement of the handle and charger.
  • LED Charge Status Indicators:The handle is connected to the charge, it is shown as the blue light, when the charge is completed while the Blue light will becomes the green light, each indicator corresponds to a charge handle.
  • Convenient charging: one end Micro-usb port into the base, the other end can be connected to any USB interface of the power supply, such as computers, power bank, and etc.
  • Lightweight: Made of the high quality plastic material, sturdy, durable, easy to carry
Buy new nintendo selects: ultimate nes remix from

New nintendo selects: ultimate nes remix